2020 January

China: Wuhan Pastor: Pray with Us
China: Officials raid, close church branch
USCIRF News Digest - January 31, 2020
USCIRF Releases New Report on Religious Freedom Conditions in Uzbekistan
Syrian Christians denied asylum
Terrorism in Kenya fails to deter church-planting strategy
Forced into Payment Settlement, Christians Acquitted of 2015 Murders in Pakistan
Pakistani Christians accused of participating in Youhanabad’s riots acquitted
NIGERIA | Association Launches Prayer, Fasting
USCIRF Welcomes Passage of the Tibetan Policy and Support Act in House of Representatives
Risk of persecution going digital with rise of surveillance state
From sub-Saharan Africa to China, Christians experience ‘high’ levels of persecution
40 Pakistani Christians freed after almost 5 years in prison on trial for ‘terrorism’
Violent Islamist militancy spreads into weak states across sub-Saharan Africa
USCIRF Releases New Report on Religious Freedom Conditions in Saudi Arabia
Boko Haram terrorizes Nigeria and beyond
Violence in Plateau State, Nigeria Escalates with more Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Attacks
Five Christians killed in Boko Haram repeat attack on Cameroon district
Fifteen Christians killed after Fulani gunmen open fire in Plateau State, Nigeria
Christians living near Wuhan in China contact Barnabas calling for worldwide prayer
“Full scale jihad” unfolds in Nigeria as Fulani kill thirteen Christians amid ceaseless Boko Haram bloodshed
“Lord, forgive our persecutors” say Rohingya Christians brutally attacked in Muslim Rohingya backlash
Christians flee in terror as Hindu extremists hurl objects at church in India
Seeking Signatures - President Trump, Speak Boldly on Christian Persecution
Women, religious minorities troubled by citizenship law
USCIRF News Digest - January 28, 2020
Church closures continue in Algeria; here’s why it matters
Kenyan Christian teachers killed; Al-Shabab suspected
Burkina Faso Suffers Another Large Massacre
Turkish-Armenian Sentenced for Criticizing Mohammed

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