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Christians arrested in Eritrea Government clampdown
China: Human rights lawyer's case goes to procuratorate for review
Pakistan: Ahmed relocated after blasphemy charge acquittal
Kazakhstan: Authorities harass church members in attempt to block registration
What is Religious Persecution?
Hindu Nationalism Increasingly Evident in India, Sources Say
Another Priest in Southern Nigeria Attacked on Highway, Barely Escaped
Sichuan Church Elder Li Yingqiang Released on Bail
Christian Family “Terrorized” by Extremists for Running Summer Program in Pakistan
Four Christians in Nepal Arrested for “Preaching Christianity”
Several hundred Christians killed, villages decimated as merciless wave of militant Fulani attacks sweeps northern Nigeria
Indonesian Christians delighted with twelve new church buildings from Barnabas Fund after quake and tsunami devastation
Christian leaders call for freedom of worship in Algeria after another church is closed
Church leaders in the Philippines lament “ideology of death” after pastor killed
Legalisation of churches in Egypt slows as Christian leaders say rules are too stringent
Sudan: Divine Help Needed If 'New Sudan' Is To Be Realised
Boko Haram attacks on Christians escalate in Cameroon
Police in Algeria seal building as Church Worships
Christian Theology student in Sri Lanka brutally assaulted
Afghanistan: Terror attacks, political pressures affect persecuted believers
Persecuted Church encouraged through videos
China: Sichuan Church Elder Li Yingqiang Released on Bail
Reflections on Iraq: Age-old struggles color Middle East conflicts
After Killing of Clergyman, Priest Narrowly Escapes Death in Southeastern Nigeria

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