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Three Christians Forced to Convert to Buddhism in Rakhine State, Burma
“You have three days to go or you will be killed!” Boko Haram tells Christians in Niger
Christian woman and teenage boy brutally murdered by Boko Haram in Cameroon village
Wife of Pastor Wang Yi released from jail in China after six months
Cuban pastor and wife jailed for home-schooling their children because of their faith
Iraq-Syria: Christian Crisis in Mesopotamia
ChinaAid president set to be featured speaker at June Voice of the Martyrs Advance Conference
Sanctions force aid organizations to reevaluate North Korea efforts
Ethiopia: Pressure on churches building with evangelical church told to vacate after ten years
Iran’s Government Drives Abuse of Religious Freedom
Christian Pakistani Couple to be Tried After Five Year Imprisonment
US: Imprisoned pastor warns youth about coming persecution
Coptic Christian Arrested for Allegedly Insulting Islam on Facebook in Egypt
Iran Ethnic Group Facing Church Closures
Iran Needs Your Prayers
China: Authorities continue to harass Early Rain Covenant Church
India: Christian Crisis In Northern India
Crackdown against Christians in Eritrea continues
Part of Christian School in Eastern Uganda Torn Down
Terrorists Kill Twenty Nine Christians in Two Attacks in Burkina Faso
Facebook Post Sparks Mob Attack in Egypt
Priest Flees Chinese Province After Church Demolition
Christian School and Hostel Demolished by Government Officials in Eastern India
Jailed Pastor’s Wife Released from Prison in China
Christians face new religious freedom threat in China
Radio Station Beams into North Korea
Christians top of the persecution list
Iraq: Islamic State ‘genocide’ leaves area decimated
China: Officials hold hearing for church, ban it
2019: A deadly year in Saudi Arabia

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