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China: SWAT team raids Christian dinner
Opinion: U.S. should adopt legislation holding China accountable for Xinjiang abuses
Egyptian Authorities Close Four Churches
Nigerian Bishop Released from Captivity
Sichuan’s Stream of Life House Church Raided by Police
Local Government Takes Steps to Protect Christian Graveyard in Pakistan
Persecution Update: The Modern Good Samaritans in Egypt
Chinese government fails to protect Tibetan language, Tibetan youth suffer
Can Egyptian committee tackle sectarian violence?
Letter to Express Appreciation and Sympathy for Those Who Prevented a Church Bombing in Egypt
Residents Rally to Demand Church Closure in Indonesia
China: Imprisoned U.S. resident denied visit with daughter
China Rises 16 places in Open Doors World Watch List
Kenya: Questions follow Nairobi siege
Hindu Version of Feng Shui Leads to Demolition of Church Building in Southern India
Key trends show in 2019 List of countries where it’s most difficult to live as a Christian
Gender-based violence used in persecution of global Christian community
From China to sub-Saharan Africa, Christians experience high levels of persecution in 73 countries
Kenya: Al-Shabab claims attack on luxurious Nairobi Hotel
Christians in Indonesia appeal for “tolerance” as protesters mob church
Church in China told to remove First Commandment
Myanmar Christians injured in clash led by Buddhist monks
Christians in Laos detained for holding “illegal” church service
Mass grave of Ethiopian Christian martyrs executed by IS discovered in Libya
Uganda: Minority Christians Under Pressure
Troubling news as Open Doors releases annual list of world’s worst persecutors
Sudan protests approach one-month mark
China: Supporters held as human rights advocate stands secret trial
China: Church declared illegal, elder fears it will be shut down
Muslim Throng Converges on Worship Site of Coptic Church in Egypt

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