We deeply appreciate your kind words …


Your passion for the Lord's work is so powerful!  I wish we all had that same fervor.

You touched on so many things that have been on my heart for our people to be reminded and convicted of.  And you did it so well.  Based on attendance at our 11:30 hour, I know you reached people's hearts even if we're reserved and quiet.  I'm hopeful that the hearts of our younger people were also touched.  Normally, we only draw about 1/2 to 1/3 the size of the audience you had today.

God is definitely using you to build his kingdom and to mobilize an army to reach out to the lost as well as the persecuted Christians in the world.  You are making a difference.                                                                                             


Pastor Wally, we are so extremely appreciative of your ministry and visit to campus.  We truly were privileged and honored to have you and your wife here on campus.  Words can not express the thankfulness we have for how God used your work and service among us during the week of the Missions Conference.  We have heard many excellent responses from the Missions Conference and praise God for how He used the week in so many lives.  Your testimony is powerful and I personally sat speechless after the service of your testimony and the power of God and His faithfulness.  Thank you for sharing this with us and for the testimony of your faith in Christ.                                      

Brother in Christ

Pastor Wally, You have no idea how much we do appreciate this token of complete dedication to the word of God you have exhibited. I've been praying to God that He gives you 100 more years to live in order for you to finish your mission jn life. Thank you Pastor you are like a real blood brother to me. 

Or perhaps more than I love my own brother. Thank you Pastor, If the enemy tries to block all the good plans you have in your` life for God, he is flat out wrong, for he will not succeed, because you have us as your warriors for Christ. We will back you up till the end of time.


I just found your story online, about your persecution in Saudi Arabia.  I was led to pray for Saudi Arabia today and wanted to find more information on the church there.  But the stats of the country say that it is 100% Muslim and this concerned me.  Then I found your story and was so encouraged by your faith.                                                                                         

Sister Marie

     I always enjoy reading reports from Pastor Wally and am so blessed when I do. Pastor Wally's account of his time at the festival really encouraged me. 

     My husband and I are in a motorcycle ministry called H-I-M, Hogs In Ministry. We spend a lot of time at secular motorcycle events and festivals, ministering when we can. I appreciate Pastor Wally's reminder to me, that it is not about me or the ministry, it is about Jesus.  I know this, but it is always good to be reminded.

     Also, the timely reminder to WAKE UP.  Wake up and arise was the message our Pastor's wife taught to the women last night.

     I just want Pastor Wally to know that he ministers and encourages me even through his email updates.

Thank you so much.  In Jesus name


Thank you Pastor Wally for coming to The River Church today.  My wife and I were blessed by how God used you and still continues to use you as His precious instrument.  My wife and I were also convicted as we realized that our content spiritual life is in many ways in contrast to the real spiritual life of God's calling.


I have heard him speak at Aquire the Fire and was really touched by his testimony and would like my youth group to be blessed and informed of his ministry with the persecuted church.


I have visited your website and was much blessed by your ministry.

Washington State

I would love to join the crisis prayer team.  I stumbled upon your website tonight and it brought me to tears.  It was very convicting to see how my brothers and sisters across the world have been persecuted for their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  I would love to pray for them, and for all of those that don't know Christ as their Savior all over the world