2022 May

Clergymen Kidnapped, Christians Killed in Northern Nigeria
Please Pray for China
This Week At ChinaAid: Police Put Wheel Lock On Christian's Car
US: Heartbreak and Healing in Uvalde
Libyan Muslims turning to Christianity despite persecution
North Korea says COVID-19 wave under control
Afghanistan: Taliban dissolves human rights commission
Compassion fatigue sets in as Ukraine crisis drags on
Muslim in Pakistan Forcibly Marries, Converts Christian girl, Family Says
USCIRF News Digest - May 25, 2022
21Wilberforce Speak Freedom Alert
Extremists use blasphemy charges against Nigerian Christians
Newly Released ISIS Video Depicts Execution of Nigerian Christians
Karnataka Becomes India’s 11th State to Enact Anti-Conversion Law
Indonesian Nationals Exposed for Funding Islamic State Recruitment of Children
Three Churches Attacked and Looted in Northern Nigeria
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 646
Islamic State executes 20 Nigerian Christians
Editorial: The Hezekiah Response
Islamic State Publishes Video Showing Murders of 20 Nigerian Christians
Christians Attacked After Blasphemy Allegation in Bauchi, Nigeria
More Than 300 Houses Burned Down in Historic Christian Village in Myanmar
Man Convicted of Murder of Egyptian Church Minister
Christian Properties Attacked over Blasphemy Allegations in Nigeria
A Call to Pray for India
Please pray for Egypt's believers and for reform of Church Legalization Legislation
Palestinian Christian journalist killed
Bob Fu Comments On The Tragic Taiwanese Church Shooting
Asia: Write to this 17-year-old—she risked her life to be baptized
India: Karnataka Becomes India’s 11th State to Enact Anti-Conversion Law

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