2020 April

Couple Abducted from Wedding in Attacks in Northwest Nigeria that Kill 12 Christians
Islamist Group in Mozambique Kills 52
Gunmen Attack Home of Slain Pastor’s Family in Eastern India
Aid Fails to Reach Christian IDPs During COVID
Two House Churches in China Raided by Local Authorities
RL Prayer Bulletin April 2020 Update
USCIRF News Digest - April 28, 2020
21Wilberforce’s Response to Coronavirus & Persecution
USCIRF Releases 2020 Annual Report with Recommendations for U.S. Policy
Islamist militants murder at least 57 people and damage church in spate of attacks in Mozambique
Al-Shabaab call Muslims to rejoice in “punishment” of Covid-19 infected non-Muslims, as virus survey highlights Somali religious divisions
World faces famine of “Biblical proportions” over Covid-19 pandemic warns UN
Covid-19 “disaster” looms in Iranian jails as Christian leaders plead for release of prisoners of conscience
Eleven church buildings wrecked in Burkina Faso after Christian grave desecrated
Four Nigerian Christians die in Fulani militant attack in Kaduna State
Two Slain, Church Building Burned in Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Attacks in Nigeria
USCIRF to release religious freedom report tomorrow
Police Arrest Pastor on Fabricated Charges in Pakistan, Sources Say
Pakistan Church with Rooftop Services in Lockdown Saving Slaves
Updates on Iranian Prisoners: Fatemeh Bakhteri and Mary Mohammadi
Please pray for Iran this week
China: Pastor arrested for "inciting subversion of state power"
China: Church elder harassed at residence
Christian Persecution News - April 24, 2020
Religious discrimination in Pakistan magnified by coronavirus
Indian Christians giving pandemic aid to their neighbors and persecutors
Pastor in Central India Attacked for Police Report on Prior Assault, Expulsion
Nigeria’s Kano State Governor converts Christian under-age girl to Islam
Release of USCIRF's 2020 Annual Report - Tuesday, April 28
Christians denied food in Pakistan, but the Church is providing

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