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Thailand Arrests 51 Pakistani Christian Asylum Seekers
Egyptian Christian Girl Kidnapped
Car Bomb Strikes Syrian Christian Church
Iran: Prison Sentence for Religious Practice
Christian women and children suffering jail nightmare in Sudan helped by Barnabas-aided prison ministry
Large church in Xuzhou banned in latest Chinese attack on unofficial congregations
Jihadists massacre entire Christian village in Mali killing at least 100, many burnt to death
Egypt PM says places of worship must not be “disposed of” as 127 more churches legalised
Iran: Arrests and Confiscations Amidst Rising Tensions
URGENT: Family in Taiwan faces grave danger!
Dr. Bob Fu: Four years after the 709 Incident, international community should hold Chinese government accountable for crimes.
Organizations to hold rallies in 15 U.S. cities in support of religious freedom
China: Police form human wall surrounding Xunsiding church after shutdown
Pakistan: His employer illegally captured and confined 21 of his family members.
Fiona Huang, American citizen blocked from leaving China, recounts story of police trying to enter her home
Two Christian Teenagers Charged with Blasphemy in Pakistan
Persecution Update: Embarrassing the Regime to Effect Change
ChinaAid releases new 'Voice of China' update highlighting prominent persecution cases
China: Xiamen churches stand strong despite mass sweeps by authorities
China: Authorities offer $1,000 cash prize for reports on 'illegal' religious activities
Xiamen’s Dianqian Church continues to worship despite immense persecution by Chinese government
Sri-Lankan Nuns Offer Psychological Assistance to Easter Sunday Victims
Church Banned in China, Crosses Removed
Pakistani Christian Teenager Raped by Muslim Parliamentarian
Algeria Stops Christian Worship in Home
Let Freedom of Religion or Belief Ring
Hong Kong changes could threaten China ministry
Complicated US-Saudi Arabia relations impact persecuted Christians
Chinese officials continue Sunday raids on local churches, Early Rain Covenant Church congregants still not free despite bail
Where is persecution in mainstream media?

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