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Critical update on Christian persecution
URGENT Appeal for Aghanistan
USCIRF Releases Factsheet on China’s Measures on the Management of Religious Clergy
Indian Court Delays Hearing Challenge to Anti-Conversion Law
Indonesian Muslim and Christian face blasphemy charges
Please pray for Pastors In Cuba
Beloved Pastor Murdered in Nigeria
Jihadist Takeover Causes Mass School Closures in Burkina Faso
Pastor Held at Zanzibar Entry Point
Hindu Priest Calls for the Beheading of Christians in India
USCIRF Releases New Report on Religious Minorities in Afghanistan
Two Elderly Nuns in Nepal Arrested on False Charges
21Wilberforce Alert - IRF Leaders Call for Quick Affirmation
International Religious Freedom Day
October Update: Indonesia, Burma (Myanmar), Chile, China, Haiti, India, Lebanon, Sudan
Bishop Shao Zhumin Seized by Chinese Authorities
Two Pakistani Christian Brothers Shot Dead by Muslims in Dispute Over Water
UN Team Calls for Urgent Release From Jail of Mentally Disabled Pakistani Christian
Pastor Injured After Extremist Mob Invades Church in Karnataka, India
Christians Stage Protest Against Proposed Anti-Conversion Law in Karnataka, India
Egypt Lifts Four-Year State of Emergency Imposed After Church Bombings
USCIRF News Digest - October 26, 2021
USCIRF Releases New Report on Religious Freedom Violations in Russia’s Republic of Chechnya
Erdogan Flaunts Genocide Accusations Through Artsakh Visit
Sudanese military dissolves civilian government
CUBA | Pastor Faces 10-year Prison Sentence
SUDAN | CSW Condemns Military Coup
China: A Biblical View of Persecution From Brother Yun
100 Years of Communism in China: We Reveal the Great Hero of the Century

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