2022 June

China: Early Rain service raided, elder summoned for questioning
China: Christian detained after trying to join Early Rain
China: Geng Zejun's trial rescheduled three times due to "COVID"
China: Imprisoned minister meets with his lawyer for the first time in seven months
Middle East Christian Converts Receive Bullet Death Threats
IRF Summit does little for persecuted Christians in Nigeria
ICC Cites Afghanistan, Fulani Militants, and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as Worst Persecutors
USCIRF News Digest - June 28, 2022
Christian Family Attacked in Pakistan
Egyptian Christian Faces 5 Years in Prison
Interfaith Marriage Ruled Constitutional
Hmong Christian Family Loses Citizenship Rights due to Faith
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin - RLPB 651
Two Nigerian Women Kidnapped From Chibok School Found After Eight Years
Pakistan Sets Up Task Force to Implement Rights of Minorities
Christian Family in Vietnam Forced From Their Home Village
Committee Restoring Property to Christians in Iraq Expands as Case Numbers Rise
New Draft of Tunisia Constitution Does Not Name Islam as State Religion
Nigerians flee to cities amid extremist violence
This Week At ChinaAid: How the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Became Law
Afghanistan quake tests Taliban
Please pray for the strength and health of Loreto Hernández García in Cuba
Death Sentence Upheld for Two Christians in Pakistan
Over 200 Feared Dead In Ethiopian Massacre
Jihadi Rebels Kill 132 Civilians In Central Mali
China: Guo Feixiong receives his first meeting with his lawyer in six months
USCIRF News Digest - June 21, 2022
Haiti: Gang wars overrun Port-au-Prince
7 Iranians Christians get combined 32 years in prison
Two Christians Murdered in India

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