2022 April

UK: Christian college ends support of Christian ministry after complaint from 'humanists'
Gospel outreach bypassing hostile Mideast authorities through smart phones
Canada: Military Chaplains will be Booted unless they're pro-Gay
This Week At ChinaAid: A Treacherous Trip Across Central America For A Persecuted Family!
Egypt: Young Coptic Christian Shot 22 Times
Russian Protestants pray for end to Ukrainian invasion
Herdsmen and Others Kill 18 Christians in Northern Nigeria
Afghanistan turmoil leaves widows, orphans behind
Eritrean authorities arrest 29 Christians
EGYPT | 239 Churches/Places of Worship Legalized
CUBA | Government Threats Result in Cancelled Prayer Event
21Wilberforce Speak Freedom Alert
USCIRF releases annual report, media shrugs
Indian Pastor Tortured in Police Custody
China: House Church Members Raided after Easter Baptism
Indonesian Christian Politician Gets Five-Month Sentence for Hate Speech
Fulani Militants Launch Coordinated, Deadly Attacks in Central Nigeria
April Update. Including India, Iran, Algeria, Cuba, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan
USCIRF News Digest - April 26, 2022
SUDAN | Church Leader Imprisoned After Being Attacked
ICC Commends the Release of USCIRF's 2022 Report 
USCIRF Releases 2022 Annual Report with Recommendations for U.S. Policy
Editorial: USCIRF Report a Helpful Reminder, but May Also Create Problems
Egypt Releases Nine Christians Imprisoned for Peaceful Protest
Christians in Afghanistan Still at Risk of Death for Apostasy
Persecution of Myanmar Christians Likened to Rohingya Genocide
Sudanese Pastor Given One-Month Sentence for “Disturbing the Peace”
Christian Convert Arrested in Iran After House Raid
Attacked Pastor in Sudan Sentenced to Month in Jail
Young Mother in Uganda Knifed on Easter for Becoming Christian

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