2022 February

Hearing: Women’s Roles in Advancing International Religious Freedom
Hindu nationalists target India’s Christian women and girls
Islamic Terrorists Kill Three Christians in Chibok, Nigeria
After the death of Abune Antonios, please pray for Eritrea
SUDAN | Khartoum Bahri Court Orders Partial Church Demolition
CHINA | House Church Leader Sentenced to Prison
SUDAN | Church Elder Killed, Religious Buildings Destroyed
Pastor attacked, killed by Muslim extremist
China: Panshi church raided and preacher arrested
Amid Escalating Fight in Myanmar, a Pastor was Killed
Fulani Militants Burn Village in Nigeria
Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Church Dies in Detention
Christian Youth Killed in Pakistan
February Update including Algeria, China, Eritrea, Indonesia, Nigeria, Uganda
Send an email today and encourage the Mayflower Church!
Bhutan Coming Out of Hiding
Murdered for Blasphemy in Pakistan
China Restricts Digital Bibles and Online Bible Sales
Imprisoned Hao Zhiwei responds to her son from prison
Surveillance camera installed outside human rights lawyer's home
CCP-sponsored Bible mistranslates John 8
Pakistani brick kiln owner invites WMI to visit slaves
Editorial: US Seizure of Afghan Assets Strategically Incompetent and Morally Reprehensible
Baroness Cox Raises “Deep Concern” About Fate of Armenian Churches
Burkina Faso’s New Military Leader Promises to Tackle Islamist Insurgency
Sri Lankan Pastor Barred From Conducting Worship Services in His Home
USCIRF Calls for Leah Sharibu’s Release on Anniversary of Abduction From Nigerian School
Jubilee Campaign Commemorates Fourth Anniversary of Leah Sharibu's Captivity
This Week At ChinaAid: Don't Let The Olympics Blind You To People Suffering In The Shadows
USCIRF Commissioner Tony Perkins Calls for Leah Sharibu’s Freedom on Abduction Anniversary

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