Date:  November 27, 2021

Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken. (Psalm 62:6)

Psalm 62 paints a picture of God’s great security, stability and protection for all who make him their refuge. Just like David, we can say with confidence that we will not be shaken, because we are under the protection of an unshakable God.

Join us in praying this verse over Sudan today, where there is still much instability and uncertainty in the aftermath of the military coup.

Pray for justice, peace and protection

Since the military seized power on 25 October, the human rights situation in Sudan has deteriorated, although the true scale of the violations has been masked by shutdowns in internet and communications networks.

There have been huge anti-coup protests, during which the military have used excessive force against unarmed civilians; at least 40 protesters were killed and many more were hurt.

We are also particularly concerned by the attempted assassinations of individuals who worked for the civilian-led government before it was overthrown by the coup. One of them was Boutros Badawi, a Christian and adviser to the Minister of Religious Affairs, who narrowly escaped armed assailants on 27 October. Please pray for his protection, as it is not the first time he has been targeted.

Latest developments

Last Sunday on 21 November, the military agreed to release Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok from house arrest and reinstate him to his role. They also reiterated their commitment to the transitional period, which aims to lead the country towards democracy.

While this appears to be a step in the right direction, many are still against any partnership with the military and are concerned that this is a short-term solution to gain stability at the expense of justice and true freedom.

On 25 November thousands took to the streets to demonstrate against the military rule and in the aftermath of reports of violent attacks on at least 46 villages in Jebel Moon, West Darfur that has led to at least 43 deaths and thousands displaced into neighbouring Chad.

Please keep the country in your prayers throughout this rapidly evolving situation. You can also read more in our blog.

In summary, please pray:

  • For the comfort and healing of all who were injured, detained or lost a loved one during the anti-coup protests and military crackdown.
  • That those responsible for human rights violations will be brought to justice.
  • For a return to a civilian-led government, so that the country can resume the transition towards democracy.