U.S. State Department Releases Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2020
UZBEKISTAN: Fines, magazine destruction
German Pastor Hopeful in Fight to Remain in Turkey
Civil war fears grow in Myanmar; believers persevere
Makassar Update: Suicide Bombers are Newlyweds from JAD Terrorist Group
Religious Freedoms Crackdowns Intensify in Russia with Fresh Arrests of Jehovah’s Witnesses
Eleven People Rescued from Boko Haram Captivity
Nuns Forcefully Removed from Train by Hindu Nationalists in India
March 2021 Update, Incl. Burma (Myanmar), Algeria, Armenia-Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka
USCIRF Highlights Impact of Financial Restrictions on Civil Society
Palm Sunday church bombing injures 20 in Indonesia
German Pastor Hopeful in Fight to Remain in Turkey
Myanmar Army Fighter Jets Bomb Karen Villages, Killing Three and Injuring Eight
Nineteen Injured in Suicide Bomb Attack on Indonesian Church
Christian Families Lose Everything as Fire Engulfs Rohingya Refugee Camp in Bangladesh
Armenian National Commission for UNESCO Condemns Post-Conflict Church Demolition in Nagorno-Karabakh
Eight Christians Abducted by Bandits in Kaduna, Nigeria
Abducted Nigerian Schoolgirl Leah Sharibu Gives Birth to Second Child While Held Captive
USCIRF Condemns the Chinese Government’s Sanctions on USCIRF Commissioners
Power Prayer for Persecuted Christians - Good Friday
Indonesia: Makassar Cathedral Attacked by Suicide Bombers
Church Members Abducted from Bus in North-Central Nigeria
Turkey Continues Delayed, Denied, and Partial Justice in Dink Assassination Case
Multi-Faith letter calls on the PM of Sri Lanka to abandon the introduction of anti-conversion laws
Please Pray for Pro-Democracy Advocates in Syria
Disabled Christian Beaten In Egypt For Conversion
Pakistan Considers Death Penalty As Only Option For Blasphemy
Pope visit favors Shia-Catholic connection; Iraqi Christians remain divided
Kenya-Somali Border: Mandera Bus Attack Leaves Five Dead and Scores Injured
TWR delivers hope to Algerian Christians as forced church closures continue

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