2018 August

Egypt: Mob attacks prevent Coptic church’s recognition for ‘security’ reasons
China: More church closures as Party tightens rules for its religious members
“Disappeared” lawyer receives award for dedication to China’s religious freedom
Myanmar’s blocking of aid to Kachin ‘may amount to war crime’ – report
C. African Republic: as Sudan hosts peace talks, Russia offers to get more involved
“Iraq without Christians is like a garden without a rose…”
Church Bells Ring Again in Mosul
Chinese Authorities Force Churches to Replace Crosses with National Flags
Hindu Leader Claims Flood Aid Should Be Denied to “Beef-Eaters” in India
Constant al-Shabaab Attacks Cause Medical Facilities Closures
Egypt appoints its first-ever female Coptic governor
ICC's Free International Day of Prayer Resource Kit
Nigeria: Fulani Militants Burn Pastor and Family Alive
Thai Police Conduct Mass Raid on Christian Community, 150+ Arrested.
Indonesia’s Pentecostals Losing Members In Islamic Attacks
Muslims uproot Christians’ crops in ongoing campaign against church in Egyptian village
UN condemns treatment of Christian ethnic minorities in Myanmar as “crimes against humanity” committed with “persecutory intent”
Police intervene to stop Muslim mob burning Pakistani Christians’ homes following “blasphemy” allegation
Pastor detained in armed raid on church in eastern Ukraine
Hindu Extremists Suspected in False Charges against Pastor in India, Sources Say
Egypt: Muslim mobs force closure of 8 Coptic churches seeking ‘official’ recognition
Nigerian church leaders, families continue to die; US top diplomat blames ‘climate of impunity’
Nigeria: Kidnapped Leah Sharibu calls on president for help
RLPB 470 | August 2018 Update; plus Assyrians, China, India, Nepal, Nigeria
Violent persecution against Christians in Pakistan
Pakistani Christians’ homes ransacked by mob, after son falsely charged with abduction, rape
Nigeria: Where is Leah?
Leah Sharibu Alive, Pleads for Help from Nigerian President
Kidnapped Schoolgirl Leah Sharibu Appeals for Rescue in Audio Recording, Reports Say
Christian Loses Sight in One Eye in Attack by Muslim Neighbors

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