Date:           November 4, 2010

By Paul Mattson
Special to ASSIST News Service

SACRAMENTO, CA (ANS) -- In my experience, few who are introduced to the plight of persecution are able over time to maintain interest, passion, compassion and faithful prayer for Christians around the world who suffer for their allegiance to the King of kings and Lord of lords. Prayer is a precious commodity and prayer for family members who are persecuted for righteousness' sake is given little thought and effort by too many in the Church, today.

Pastor Wally addressing a crowd of 70,000 to go into the entire world and preach the Gospel

One who not only learned first-hand the satanic attacks of persecutors, the mercy and rescue by God's own hand, and restoration to freedom of belief and speech and action, is Pastor Wally, as he is fondly known to many,

Pastor Wally is the founder and president of a ministry devoted to the host of persecuted Christians and their plight. He was imprisoned in the Middle East, tortured, sentenced to death, and ultimately released, through a global advocacy effort and GOD answering the prayers of many. This experience gave birth to a vital ministry of outreach to persecuted Christians around the world. He saw his dreams of such a ministry through to its form today, and its vitality that remains dedicated to praying for, and ministering to, these believers. Pastor Wally has a heart, not only for the suffering and persecuted, but also, for the millions of lost souls who have yet to hear the Gospel message.

Pastor Wally ministering to hundreds of slum and homeless children in the Philippines

Pastor Wally began his ministry named "Christians in Crisis", with aims to advocate for and bring awareness of the persecuted church, raise up Houses Of Prayer everywhere (CIC-HOPe), and encourage short-term missions outreaches to beleaguered believers.

Many have responded and now facilitate Houses Of Prayer everywhere in countries in each continent but Antarctica. The Christians In Crisis web site ( alerts intercessors of new opportunities to pray and to participate in helping those Christians facing the world's animosity because they bear the name of Jesus to a needy world. This web site contains updated persecution news, as well as heartfelt reflections from the perspective of the persecuted church, and opportunities to share in outreaches to that body of believers.

As the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church nears, Christians In Crisis stands in full support of intercessory prayer upholding the suffering church before the Almighty. Pastor Wally's vision of an active prayer ministry has borne fruit in both the Christian petitioners' lives and in the enriched prayer lives of intercessors. Prayer is both the least we Christians can do, and the most we sometimes can do, and we stand arms linked in arms with the Christians whose millions of voices and hearts spill forth with praise, adoration, intercession and thanksgiving for God's active role in the lives of His believing family on earth. Amen, and amen!

Paul Mattson is the House Of Prayer everywhere Development Administrator for the Christians In Crisis ministry, and his role is seeking to develop and sustain HOPe groups whose intercession spans the globe on behalf of persecuted Christians. Though employed as a rehabilitation counselor with the State Of Minnesota, USA, his real passion is serving the persecuted church, and his daily attention is devoted to the prayer needs of God's hurting family of believers around the world.