SM (Sister Matilda) and I have had some great church meetings this  past weekend. Sunday morning lots of souls were won to JESUS and the Holy Spirit fell upon those that responded to the altar invitation. Glory to God.

Bishop Avel Forto who is the jurisdictional bishop overseer of the  Church of God in Christ-Philippines is the official host of the National Holy Convocation of the COGIC which officially opened last Sunday...the venue is at COGIC's Philippines headquarters in Angeles City...and I was their chosen opening speaker to kick-off an entire week's conference for all the COGIC  Pastors
in the Philippines.

Angeles City was the site of the largest  US military base outside of the US mainland prior to its destruction by the  volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo in mid 1991. The eruption brought massive  destruction that buried several towns and villages and completely wiped them  out from the face of the earth. The smoke and ashes from the volcano reached  other countries like Singapore and even Australia.

The Philippine  government rebuilt the base and has turned it into an alternate international  airport that's now used extensively by major airlines in and around Asia.  Angeles city is a two hour drive north of  Manila.

After the opening session, Bishop Forto and his lovely wife,  Tessie Forto, treated us to a sumptuous lunch buffet of Philippine native  foods and local desserts. We had a quick meal then had to rush back to Manila  to speak at a 4:00 pm Church service at the River of God Church in  Makati City.

The worship was outstanding! And altar time after my  preaching was awesome to say the least. Souls were saved and people were  ministered to in the power of the Holy Spirit. Both the morning and evening  church meetings were packed and every one felt the touch of the Holy Spirit in  the preaching of The Word and during the altar ministries. Praise the Lord!

The senior pastor - Bishop Chito Sanchez is an anointed servant of the Lord.
Like Bishop Avel Forto, Bishop Sanchez also oversees several hundred churches across the Philippines. After our evening Church service, Bishop Sanchez invited us to join them in celebrating his mother's birthday at their beautiful home in Pasig City. The late father of Bishop Sanchez served in the Philippine government as Secretary of Labor for many years prior to his retirement.

I will be addressing the national pastors conference of  the Foursquare Church this coming Saturday. On Sunday morning and afternoon I  will be speaking at a gathering of pastors/brethren that were with us in Saudi  Arabia back in the 80's and 90's.

SM and I are thankful to the Lord for  your untiring support and never ceasing prayers for CIC, the suffering Church  and our mission trip. We are all partners together and whatever we do in  prayer and deeds - we all share in the joy and rewards of fruitful ministry to  the glory of our Savior and Lord JESUS CHRIST.

Serving HIM  Gladly,
Pastor Wally and Matilda

CIC Ministry-USA and CIC Philippines Chapter have done  several mission trips with Bishop Forto over the years with fruitful ministry  among the Ayta Tribes, garbage dump people and the population of Balibago,  Angeles City, Tarlac and Pampanga provinces.