We had a great service at PCF Tondo, Manila, last Friday night, October 20, 2006, at the main session of a Pastors Conference that was sponsored  by the Foursquare Church co-sponsored with Praise Christian Fellowship from  Los Angeles, CA, sending a delegation of pastors and evangelists that ministered at the conference.

After I spoke the Holy Spirit came down and filled the entire sanctuary with His presence.

People were touched and lives were saved and changed forever by the preaching of the Word and by the power and presence of the Holy  Spirit!

Holy Fire was all over the sanctuary and the saints  were overwhelmed by God's presence!

Much time was spent during the altar ministry as the Holy Spirit began to move among those present... Glory to God!

Pastor Joe Danganan, senior pastor of PCF-Los Angeles was co-host and co-sponsor of the event. He ministered with me during the altar time. Every one in attendance stayed and no one wanted to leave due to the strong  anointing and presence of the Holy Spirit. Praise God!!!

Sunday, October 22,  I spoke at a church in Cubao in the  morning at 9:00 AM and then at 2:30 PM I gave my testimony at Pastor  Butch Belgica's Church.

I also addressed the Quezon City chapter of the Full  Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International yesterday morning, Saturday,  October 21, where the president is a member of Pastor Belgica's  church.

With the Holy Spirit outpouring much...signs and wonders  are happening all over...people are getting healed and delivered from all  kinds of demonic attacks...Freedom in Christ is pressing on and setting many  captives free!

Thanks for your prayers!

Much Love and Blessings!

Pastor Wally