To Our CIC Family and Friends:

Our  recent mission trip to the Philippines was definitely  orchestrated by the Lord. We had no idea what kind of doors awaited us except  for the fact that we knew that God had sent us there to help  establish a church in a remote village and make ourselves available to whatever  the Lord would have us to do.

The trip was a first  of many more firsts for a dear friend from Southern California. Brother Bert Spivey and I joined hands, bowed our heads  and prayed as we boarded our flight to Manila  from Sacramento  Airport. We prayed and asked the Lord to be with us throughout our journey, we asked God for much favor and that doors will open for us to witness to people that are in desperate need of God’s power to save, heal and deliver. The trip turned out to be one that was  entirely a set up by the Holy Spirit.

Brother Bert and I were like a  two-edged sword that God had used to pierce and damaged the works of darkness…we  became messengers of the light and love of Christ Jesus to those that  were in need of a touch from the Lord. And God confirmed His Word with signs,  wonders and miracles! (Acts 5:12)

Those were days of  God-glorifying ministry. From day one, the Holy Spirit began to set  captives free. Men and women were being touched by the Lord. Deliverance and  healings accompanied the preaching of the Word that confirmed the manifest  presence of our mighty God.

At two separate church services over  the weekend, the preaching of the Word of God tremendously encouraged His  people. The altar time was another Romans 8:28 experience in the power of the  Spirit of the Lord. Souls were saved, the saints were extremely edified and God  was exceedingly glorified!

Brother Oscar Ruiz, a dear brother  from Los  Angeles, spearheaded and helped pave the way for the Lord  to use us in meetings, dinners and ministry to several VIPs in the Philippine  government and military.

One of the highlights of the trip  was my 30 minutes of talk with former President Fidel Ramos. He was the  president of the country that ignited a global outcry that brought about my  pardon and release from death row, when I was a prisoner for Christ in  Saudi  Arabia due to my obedience to the Great Commission.

The Lord is touching great  multitudes with the Gospel that’s shaking the nations of the world in  preparation to the second coming of Jesus Christ!

And nothing can stop the power  of God to save, heal and deliver! The trip resulted to another opportunity to  return in early May to do a big crusade in Laoag
City. I urge you to pray about  joining our next trip to the Philippines in May.

The Lord has a  supernatural surprise for you!

We thank and praise God for your  invaluable prayers that played a significant role throughout our mission trip.  God had blessed every prayer and effort that contributed to the success of this  missions outreach.

May all of us be found faithful in  doing good to all people. God’s desire is that none should perish but that all  will come to the saving grace of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. May the  fruit of our joint prayers and labors continue to impact hundreds and even  thousands for the praise, honor and glory of our God.

God bless you! Loves You, and so  do we!

A Voice to the Nations,

Pastor Wally