To All Our CIC Family and Friends:

Indonesia became the first Islamic country that my wife and I visited since the days of Islamic persecution that came upon me and my family while serving in an underground church in the Middle East. From April 14-21, the Lord of Glory gave us much favor during the weeklong pastors and leaders seminar that was sponsored by CBN Indonesia. Our visit culminated with a revival meeting that was held inside an auditorium within a downtown mall in the very heart of this bustling city of millions.


Although Indonesia is the world’s biggest Islamic country with an ever-increasing persecution of Christians, great numbers of Indonesian Muslims have come to faith in Christ over the last 5-6 years.


The Indonesian government is in denial that these numbers are growing remarkably. Praise God!


It was a joy to witness the mighty move of God as the Holy Spirit drew a big crowd…and hundreds came to faith. Many received their healing and deliverance with God demonstrating HIS power in the event.


Our next stop after Indonesia was the Philippines – a nation that’s made up of 7100 islands. The Philippines is a nation that is strategically situated in the heart of Southeast Asia where people from all the surrounding Asian countries and beyond have made it as their educational, business and tourism destination. There are also an increasing number of foreigners that go there for missions work as well as training. Many students from across the globe attend the various seminaries and Bible schools. The country is good soil for the Gospel and hundreds are coming to faith in Christ daily.


From April 27-May 9, CIC and several of its partner ministers and ministries conducted several pastors’ conferences and revival, healing and evangelistic crusades. All of the four pastors’ conferences that were held in the cities of Tarlac, Baguio, Laoag and Angeles were packed. God came down and touched HIS servants. There were many firsts that took place in some of the places where we ministered.


The Spirit of the Lord anointed and blessed every session. Ministers of the Gospel received encouragement and challenge from the WORD. Each session closed with powerful manifestations of the love and presence of God. Daily we saw an increasing manifestation of God’s love for HIS people.


The nightly revival, healing and evangelistic crusades resulted to hundreds of salvations. The Lord also demonstrated HIS mercy and compassion by healing great numbers of people with all kinds of sickness and infirmities. People rejoiced as they witnessed the power of God to save, heal and deliver!


Prior to the start of our first pastors’ conference, a big fire destroyed an entire neighborhood in Quezon City, a suburb of Manila. My brother’s house was among those that were totally burned. Matilda and I were staying at my brother’s house with all of our belongings that we had brought from America. As a result we lost all that we had brought with us including all of our clothes, shoes, multimedia equipment, computer, cameras, credit cards, passports, driver’s license, my two study Bibles and all of the cash that we had brought. Three days after the fire, I preached at the first pastors’ conference with nothing and still wearing the same shorts, shirt and sandals that I had when the fire took place. But our God is good and faithful. We have been blessed witnessing the power of God everywhere the Lord took us.