Luke 7:12-16


Echoes of great weeping and yelling was in the streets of Nain town

The only son of an unfortunate widow, all of a sudden died down

O' what an unbearable pain was in the heart of that great multitude

All were in deep sorrow, proceeded to grave, with wounded attitude!!


The funeral procession, with tears, was going out of gate of Nain city

A young man had untimely died, twas really a great intolerable pity

The funeral procession was about to go out of this big city gate

Lepers lived and dead bodies were kept outside, Alas! What a fate!!


Literal meaning of Nain is “a lush green pasture” that is pleasant

But we see here no pleasure,rather agony and torment so unpleasant

Widow was crying uncontrollably, her tears did not come to halt

Possibly she was asking God, tell me what is my infirmity and fault?


The procession moved further in sombre mood, it was just about to go out

But, behold, one more procession was coming in with great joyous shout

Strange situation! outgoing crying and lamenting crowd was led by a dead

Incoming cheering crowd was led by Jesus, who rose from the dead!!


Going out of the gate meant, hopes are shattered! Nothing is left! Irreparable

Going out of the gate meant, relations between life and sorrow is inseparable

My friends, are you also going out of gate with tears, misery and pain?

Have Doctors, teachers,employers and relatives said- get lost! there's no gain!!


Perhaps you are going out with leprosy of sin carrying your own dead body

With that dead young man there were many but with you, there is no body?

Give your ears! Listen! I have with me a great good news with you to share

For all those, who are going out of gate, for you there is Jesus' genuine care!!


I wonder sometimes, this event did not occur at home, temple or at the street

Lord set this miracle to just at the gate, to give us delicious spiritual treat

Jubilant crowd was just to step in, weeping crowd was just to step out in hopelessness

Lord wanted to teach, I will intervene in your life just when you reach to nothingness!!


One step ahead of the gate is misery, tears, darkness and impregnable sorrow

But one step ahead the gate is also, a great joy, hope, and blessed tomorrow

Bible tells-When the Lord saw her, his heart went out to her and he said, "Don't cry."

All out goers, irrespective of your circumstances, why don't again in Jesus, you try?


Bible says-Then he went up and touched the coffin, and those carrying it stood still

He said, "Young man, I say to you, get up! The dead man sat up, O' what a thrill

Jesus gave him back to his mother, people were all filled with awe and praised God

Cut down was the fear and torment of death by Jesus, the word,the double edged sword!!


Hebrew translation does not say- He touched the coffin! Instead it says- He firmly held it

Those carrying it stood still because Jesus forcibly held the coffin! No one moved a bit

Are you going out of the gate? There is someone who can stop you with his mighty hands

And your sorrow will be transformed into joyous singing accompanied by angelic bands!!


Jesus gave him back to his mother, Elijah and Elisha also did the same

Yes, I claim all lost, spiritually dead children be given back in Jesus' name

Hebrew tradition demands all people to join with the funeral procession

According to this the cheering crowd would have joined lamenting procession!!


Oh! what a mighty God we serve who made weeping crowd join cheering crowd

I believe, both crowds joined together and entered the gate as thanksgiving crowd

Telling everyone, behold a great prophet has so graciously appeared among us

We will worship him with all our might,for He will be till the end of this earth among us!!