I remember a great incident when Jesus stills the storm so wild

When I pondered over this awesome event, in great joy, I smiled

Sun was about to set in far distant horizon, fast came the eventide

In the sea of Galilee, Jesus and disciples sat on the boat in calm tide!!


"Let us go over to the other side! Said Jesus Leaving the crowd behind

And they sailed comfortably, with no idea of forthcoming danger in mind

As they sailed, A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boat

So suddenly came the peril, no one could offer any way out and safety thought!!


Experienced fishermen were so scared, that sank their professional pride

Friends, they forgot what Jesus had said- "Let us go over to the other side!

Remember When He says- "Let us go over to the other side! He mean it

He will not leave us amidst the mid streams, in boat we can confidently sit!!


Let us now go to the other aspect of this wonderful, thought provoking passage

I believe here is hidden certainly a beautiful, inspiring and enlightening message

Geographers tell us that the sea of Galilee is not deep but indeed very shallow

Fishermen even today remember this event and sing songs on it, so mellow!!


Take a bucket of water and blow across the top of it, it doesn’t disturb the water too much.

Now, take a plate of water and blow across the top of it, it disturbs the whole thing,case is such

Sea of Galilee is very shallow and very large. Just a little wind will make 6 foot waves.

Wind in Sea of Galilee was terrible just because it was too shallow, fierce became the waves!!


In our lives also the strong wind of problems, pains and sorrows eventually do come

Let us realize, if we are deep in God's word, we will calculate problems as little sum

If our cup is shallow, small waves and winds will cause great perilous, fatal disaster

But if cup is deep, we will understand how to continuously see at the face of our master!!


Let us go into the greater depth of the shallow sea of Galilee a little bit more

Bible tells us, there were other boats also with them who joined from the shore

I believe that these boats were of those who truly loved Jesus and followed him

But when the storm came, Bible tells they cried in fear and possibly forgot to swim!!


I guess, possibly that small boat was also there in which Jesus once stood preaching

The crowd was standing at the shore saying in unison, wow! amazing is his preaching

I also believe, that boat also was there when storm came, that caught 153 fishes later on

And it called more boats from the shore for help for the work to be further carried on!!


Do you see? The small boat that once was a floating pulpit was in great trouble

Perhaps you the same boat where Jesus stood and you harvested always double

Are you a boat stricken by wild waves in the sea of your life, with no destination

Have a good cheer for you are also going to catch more fishes with great jubilation!!


Mark 4:40 says Jesus woke up and to the furious squall, he rebuked

But Matthew 8: 26 says- Before rebuking squall, to disciples he rebuked

I take a teaching in humility, Lord before rebuking my problems, first rebuke me

And thus, by your grace, I will go over to the other side of this great violent sea!!