Greetings of grace and peace unto you from our great ABBA FATHER and our soon coming amazing Savior, Lord and King JESUS CHRIST!!

The HOLY SPIRIT has opened more doors and ministry partnerships as a result of our attendance and speaking here in South Korea at the Global Alliance Conference of Pastors. Ninety five percent of pastors came from the 1040 window of the globe where there’s much persecution and where the most number of unreached people groups are found. The focus of the conference was about wining the lost at any cost!!

We all agreed and pledged to unite together globally to confront the challenges of the end times and use all of our resources human and material to witness and win the lost! Special emphasis was on equipping, training and sending our younger generation to help accomplish the call of the great commission!  Almost 50 pastors from Saudi Arabia came and we all got excited when we met. 

I felt honored to speak twice at the conference with 6000 church leaders in attendance and also at a Korean church on Sunday!!  At the close of the conference there were many tears as we hugged and said our goodbyes on Saturday. SM and I had two extra days on Monday and Tuesday spent in prayer and ministering to our precious brethren from Arabia.
Despite some set backs in the personal and ministry life of many pastors, the conference brought much challenge and inspiration motivating all in attendance to unite, press on, and work together in advancing GOD’s Kingdom and tirelessly preach the good news of salvation and eternal life in CHRIST JESUS our KING!!

SM and I are still in Seoul, Korea for some much needed R&R. We return home by the weekend.

We are very much appreciative and forever grateful for your kind and supportive prayers!

Joyfully Yours,
Pastor Wally & Sister Mattie