Psalm 44:7-8
7-but you give us victory over our enemies, you put our adversaries to shame. 8-In GOD we make our boast all day long, 
and we will praise your name forever.

It was in the Name of GOD that Moses delivered the children of Israel from their slavery in Egypt. It was in the Name of the LORD that the walls of Jericho fell and the people were given victory. Every battle was fought and every victory was given in the Name of the LORD of heaven. Over and over GOD told them to fight in His Name and they would win, but they were never to go into battle with their own strength. Today as we serve GOD in CHRIST JESUS, we do all we do in His Name. We are to bring honor and glory to Him as we battle against Satan and his devices in this world. 

In the Name of JESUS we will never be defeated. While our spiritual battles are not measured the same as were their physical ones, we still are the ultimate VICTORS by faith in JESUS CHRIST.  This lays on us the responsibility to make sure all we are doing is bringing glory to GOD and exalts the Name of JESUS.   Whatever we do, we do with thanksgiving. This is because we recognize that all we have and all we do is in CHRIST and the strength He gives us through the indwelling of the HOLY SPIRIT.  With His power and presence in us we can become all that the LORD intends us to ever be in this world.  We are victorious in CHRIST JESUS!

O GOD, my heavenly FATHER, 
I thank you for all You do for me and all You have done for me. Thank You for my family that brings so much joy in my life. Thank You for the many friends who surround me every day with encouragement. Help me always be what I should be so that my life will bring glory to the Name of JESUS and Your Name will be glorified. Forgive me when I fail. Fill my heart with Your love, even when others are not lovable toward me.  Help me be as forgiving to others as You are toward me. Thank You for the victory You have blessed me with.  I pray this in the Glorious Name of JESUS my LORD. Amen.

Gloriously Blessed,
Pastor Wally & Sister Mattie