Colossians 2:9-10 (TPT)
“For He is the complete fullness of deity living in human form. 10-And our own completeness is now found in Him. We are completely filled with GOD as CHRIST’s fullness overflows within us.”

Our completeness & wholeness is not dependent on our actions, but because we believe in the death, burial and resurrection of the LORD JESUS. Because of our faith in Him and what He’s done on our behalf, GOD is able to pronounce us whole. When He calls us whole even in our brokenness and imperfections, He stating truth! We accept and trust that we are complete in CHRIST by faith and our lives are to reflect our completeness in Him. A life that is in line with our identity in CHRIST. Our failures and shortcomings do not change our completeness in CHRIST. GOD’s declaration of our wholeness is settled in His Word. Wholeness is given to us because we are in CHRIST, we have become complete in Him.

There is nothing missing or broken with us, we have become brand new in CHRIST!!Everything that is connected to our old life is gone, all things are fresh and brand new.  We have been born again so we may enjoy the fullness of CHRIST here, now, and all throughout eternity!! WE ARE COMPLETE IN CHRIST JESUS!!

LORD GOD, we seek You to help us guard our minds and our hearts in CHRIST JESUS, according to Your Word. May Your HOLY SPIRIT empower us to comprehend, know and appropriate our completeness in CHRIST JESUS in every way and always. We pray these things, in the majestic Name of JESUS. Amen.

Complete In Him,
Pastor Wally & Sister Mattie