PSALM 145:18
“The LORD is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth.”

Our prayers should reflect the character of GOD as revealed in history, in Scripture, and most of all in JESUS CHRIST.  
Our prayers should take into account GOD’s will for us. To pray in line with GOD’s identity and will is a wise act.  In the language of Psalm 145:18, GOD is “near” to us when we call on Him “in truth.” —I believe that the best way for us to call upon GOD in truth is to immerse ourselves in Scripture.  Here we glimpse the acts of GOD that reveal His nature.  We read what GOD says about Himself... we can find GOD’s will for us.  The more we allow the written Word of GOD to permeate our minds and hearts, the more we will be able to pray in light of the LORD’s true nature and true will. When we pray in this way, not only will we find that our prayers are answered positively, but we will also sense the presence of GOD in our lives. He will be “close” to us as we meditate upon His truth, growing into a deeper relationship with Him. 
For in Him we live, and move, and have our being!!

Thank You LORD, Your Word reminds us that You are near to all who call upon You, to all who call upon You in truth. Draw us close to You day after day. We want You, we desire You, we need You and Your truth.  In You and in Your Word we find peace to comfort and strengthen us in the face of trials and afflictions.
Thank You that You are near to us and present with us today and forevermore, in JESUS’ Great and Mighty Name, AMEN!!

Calling On Him,
Pastor Wally & Sister Mattie