I am washed in the blood of JESUS…I am therefore born again by the everliving Word of GOD…I am therefore justified; I am sanctified by His Word.
I am righteous, because I am in CHRIST JESUS…I am a new creation because I am in CHRIST JESUS…I am saved, because I am in CHRIST JESUS!
I am above; not beneath.
I am the head; not the tail.
I am the first, not the last!
I am victorious; I am more than a conqueror through CHRIST who loves me….I am able to do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me….I am a sheep of the Good Shepherd; I am always obeying the voice of the Shepherd. This means that I am lying down in green pastures; I am spending time beside still waters….I am flooded with light; I am the salt of the earth; I am the light of the world; I am a city that is set on a hill. I am a body, filled and flooded with the fullness of GOD Himself….I am a partaker of the divine nature; I am a glorious, sanctified saint….
I am chosen; I am pre-ordained.
I am foreknown; I am accepted in the Beloved….I am a child of the Most High GOD. I am always successful. I am seated in heavenly places in CHRIST JESUS….I am just what the Bible says I am…I am the manifested child of GOD that creation is waiting for….I am ruling and reigning in this life, One with CHRIST JESUS. —Let the weak say: ‘I am strong’ – therefore, I am strong….Let the poor say: ‘I am rich – therefore, I am rich….
Let the sick say: ‘I am healed’ – therefore, I am healed….
I am out of my mind and I am into the mind of CHRIST.
I am a follower of the Good Shepherd….I am anointed with fresh oil….I am one whose cup is running over….I am one who is followed by goodness, mercy and love all the days of my life!
I am living in peace.
I am filled with grace.
I am flooded with mercy.
I am kind; I am gentle.
I am peaceful; I am loved; I am beloved….I am a child of the Most High GOD! Hallelujah!

Glory and Honor Unto Him,
Pastor Wally & Sister Mattie