China: Landlord fined for housing Early Rain couple


Date:                         December 15, 2021



Authorities fined the landlord of Shen Bing and Li Xiaofeng
(Photo: ChinaAid source)


(Dayi, Sichuan Province—December 14, 2021) On December 9, Jinyuan police fined the landlord housing Early Rain Covenant Church couple Shen Bing and Li Xiaofeng. Police cited Shen and Li’s involvement with Early Rain as the reason for the fine.

The notice also said that it found that the premises were rented out, but the tenant’s information was not registered according to the law. Also, Police Department claimed they were uninformed of the lease. Per the Law of the People's Republic of China on Penalties for Administration of Public Security Article 57 Clause 1, the landlord should be fined 200 yuan. Property owners should pay the fine at Dayi County Finance Hall within 30 days. If it is overdue, the fine increases 3% of the total each day, and the increased amount should not exceed the fine itself. If the person disagrees with the decision, the person should send an appeal application to Chengdu Municipal Police Bureau or Dayi County People’s Government within 60 days, starting the day of receiving the notice. Alternatively, the person can file a lawsuit to Dayi County Court within 60 days.

After their fine involving the landlord, Shen Bing sighed:

“The anniversary of the 129 crackdown reminds that we are Christians and sojourners and should use the gospel to defend the truth any moment! The gospel is multi-functional.”

December 9 marked the third anniversary of the massive Early Rain crackdown in 2019. Police arrested Li Xiaofeng, the librarian of Early Rain Covenant Church non-profit library. Authorities charged her with “illegal business operation” and released her on bail on June 11, 2019. Shen Bing and Li Xiaofeng left Chengdu upon police’s request, and they moved south. Recently, the couple moved back to Chengdu, and police expelled them from their residence.

Shen and Li are members of Tashui, an Early Rain small group, which faced harsh persecution this year. National security officers placed Dai Zhichao, the leader, and his family under surveillance. He suffered
, beatings, and arrests. Other members of the group have similar stories. 


In November, Shen Bing and Li Xiaofeng were not allowed to leave while visiting Dai and his family who were illegally detained at home. Later that evening, Deacon Xu Jiale of Early Rain Covenant Church and his wife—Qin Ningping— hosted Shen Bing and Li Xiaofeng in their home until they received their resident permits. Officers of Chengdu Qingyang District stayed at Deacon Xu’s home without consent. Additionally, they installed a camera at the entrance of the condo and put them under 24-hour surveillance each day. Police stayed for over a week and did not leave end Li and Shen left.


~Yu Bing, ChinaAid Association Contributing Reporter





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