Date:                       December 9, 2021



Sudan (MNN) — Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has been reinstated after being detained by a military coup. Hamdok signed a deal with military leaders to secure his return to office.

The move was welcomed in international circles. But Sudanese protestors don’t see this as a positive sign. They want the military out of government affairs.

Sudanese women

Petr Jasek with The Voice of the Martyrs Canada says Older Sudanese, who have seen many political cycles, don’t expect much change. “Maybe the younger people are more optimistic. When you look at the people that are taking part of the demonstrations, they’re mostly young people. And also there’s a lot of women demonstrating. The women are so courageous.”

Jasek spent over a year in a Sudanese prison for helping underground Christians. He talks about the courage of Sudanese women he saw then. “When we were in the court building, we could hear the singing of Sudanese women who were actually so courageous that they were not afraid of the secret police taking pictures of them. Maybe later on they were arresting them, we don’t know.”

Jasek says the man in charge of the secret police still holds his position, even after the removal of former dictator Omar al-Bashir.

Growth of the Sudanese Church

Despite the threat of secret police, Jasek says the Sudanese church is growing. Christians continue reaching out to Muslim neighbors with the love and hope of Jesus.

When Muslims become Christians, Jasek says churches have plans to keep them safe. “They have prepared a plan for them. This includes how they should behave when their face is revealed, or how to escape from their houses if they can’t stay with their families.”

Ask God to protect these Christians.

The header photo shows demonstrations against the October 2021 military coup in Sudan. (Photo courtesy of Osama Eid, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)