2012 November

Pakistan Evangelist: ‘Villagers Hungry For Bibles Amid Persecution’
Egypt Christians’ New Pope Facing Violence, Persecution
Azerbaijan: Another strike to Balaev family
Pakistani Preacher Jailed for Sermon at Funeral
North Korean Underground Churches will Pray for the American Church on Sunday
Church building set ablaze in Indonesia
Massive Christian rally in Egypt brings estimated 25,000 to Christ
Czech Parliament Approves Return Of Church Properties
US: Little change on Capitol Hill spells death knoll for religious freedom bill
Egypt: what Salafis want from Coptic girls
Muslim Egyptian Woman Cut Hair of Christian Schoolgirl in Subway
The Plight of the Marginalized Communities in Pakistan
Does Church Registration in Kazakhstan Make a Difference?
Secret Police Suspected in Attack on Church Pastor in China
Pakistan Woman Abducted; ‘Blasphemy’ Pastor Denied Bail
Egypt's church transitions into new leadership
Religious freedom an issue in U.S. election
Well-known Pakistani editor in hiding as he 'fears for his life'
Pakistani Christian Pastor Arrested for Blasphemy
400 Percent Increase in Persecution of Christians in '10/40 Window' Prompts Urgent Call for Prayer
Egypt’s Copts can’t rely on new pope to secure their rights
British Members of Parliament Release Report on Intensifying Pressure on Iranian Christian Converts
Pastor Killed in Church Blast in Garissa, Kenya
Muslim Mob Burn Tanzania Churches; Militants Detained
Somalia Militants Use ‘Ex-Christians’ To Bomb Kenya Churches
Indonesia Closing “Illegal” Churches Raising Concerns
Muslim Pressure Closes Church in Indonesia
Nigeria: Continued Inaction, Continued Killings: The High Price of Lies and Impunity
Christian woman abducted, forcibly converted in Pakistan
Church building in Nigeria targeted in bomb attack

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