Pakistan: A minor Christian girl kidnapped in Islamabad territory


Date:  2012-10-30

She may be 'illegally' married off after being forced to become a Muslim

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (ANS) -- A 14-year-old Christian girl, Timar Shahzadi, was kidnapped by Muslim men in the twin cities of Islamabad/Rawalpindi on Monday, October 22, 2012, as she was returning from school.

Timar Shahzadi, the kidnapped girl

Shamim Masih, a ANS correspondent in Pakistan, said that according to Pastor Farooq Sadique, the girl was with friends when the abductors pounced and dragged her away.

Mr. Masih says that her family fear that she could be "forcefully converted to become a Muslim and then married off if immediate steps are not taken."

He went on to say that her family reported the incident to the police station in Koral Police Station in Islamabad, but police have not yet conducted any investigation.

"The poor family cannot afford the expenses of the tribunal procedure and her father requested the higher official to take care of her daughter's issue. He also requested the human rights and women rights organization to help him in finding her daughter," said Shamim Masih.

Her father, Amjid Masih, said that because the girl is still a minor, according to law "she is too young" to be married.

The practice of forced conversion and forced marriage is widespread: rich and powerful Muslims take advantage, especially in rural areas and girls are victims of religious minorities.

According to Fides Agency, in Pakistan there are about 1,000 similar cases each year, against Christian and Hindu girls.

The agency added that to combat the phenomenon, widely recognized by civil authorities, the "National Commission for Religious Minorities" has prepared a draft law that Christians support and hope that it may soon be considered by Parliament.

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