ChinaAid Establishes Education Fund for "Children of the Persecuted"


Date:  2012-07-29

By Jeremy Reynalds
Senior Correspondent for ASSIST News Service

MIDLAND, TX (ANS) -- The well-known couple began attending a little Beijing house church regularly in 2005. This was different because they were part of the Communist Party. Later that year the couple quit the Communist Party and publicly called it "inhuman, unjust, and evil."

Gao Zhisheng, his wife and family.

According to a letter from ChinaAid, thus began the journey of prominent Chinese Human Rights lawyer, Gao Zhisheng, his wife and family.

ChinaAid said that often called the "conscience of China," the 47-year-old Christian disappeared into police custody in 2009, less than a year after being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his human-rights advocacy work.

While family members of Gao have confirmed he is alive, he is still in prison. Over the years he has had opportunity to describe the unbelievable torture the Chinese police inflicted on him.

Gao's wife, Geng He, fled to the United States with their two children just before Gao's 2009 arrest and disappearance. ChinaAid's Bob Fu said he flew to Thailand in 2009 and ensured daughter Grace, her mom and her little brother to the United States.

Fu said because ChinaAid is working extensively with the Persecuted Church in China there is a great opportunity to help the families of men and women like Gao and his wife, Geng. As such, ChinaAid has established a "Children of the Persecuted Education Fund" to help the children of the persecuted faithful.

For example, ChinaAid said, Gao's daughter Grace Ge Geng is now of an age to continue her education. Grace has been accepted at Baylor University for the 2012-2013 school year. However, the cost of tuition, books, housing and other related costs will be about $42,000 per year and her father is still being held in prison.

ChinaAid said friends have already given about $5,000 towards this cost. She has been awarded a student loan of almost $4,000. But ChinaAid said the group needs to raise about $21,000 before the end of this month for her summer and fall expenses.

Fu said gifts will help Gao's daughter and others like her continue their education while family members are in prison.

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