Mission base in Nigeria under terrorist attack

Source:       www.MNNonline.org

Date:          June 27, 2012



Nigeria (MNN) ― "Just as I am writing this evening, a whole village in southern Kaduna is fighting."

Those are the words of a missionary leader in Nigeria affiliated with Christian Aid Mission.

The leader goes on to say, "We have five missionaries there now whose work among local unreached Muslim tribes has been very successful. They are helping to comfort and shelter unprepared villagers who fled in terror as heavily-armed Muslim militants invaded without warning. No police or soldiers have come, and it is doubtful they will."

Due to the influx in violence by terror group Boko Haram, the team wants to move missionaries out of the dangerous area. But there are no funds to do so.

Missionaries in nearby fighting areas have been moved already. They are planning to return soon, but for now they are struggling in a new place with their children and Muslim converts that left with them.

"When the killing began in the main city, Muslims in the small town started intimidating our people," the missionary leader adds. "They told them to leave or be blamed for the killing because we are making their people Christians. The village chief has welcomed and accepted our people, but he was afraid of the militants, so we temporarily retreated the missionaries."

At the same time, there is good news. Many Muslims have come to Christ and are now safe from harm in a discipleship center. But there are unmet needs there, also. The new believers are in need of mosquito nets, school supplies, and medical supplies.

"We are so grateful for the many years of loving prayer and financial support from Christian Aid," the missionary continues. "We are just reeling with unbelief at the horrors our country is experiencing at the hands of these terrorist murderers. We know our Lord will use it all for good." 

Pray for the peace in Nigeria. To help bring missionaries out of harm's way and to provide for the basic needs of new believers, click here, or call 800-977-5650. Click here to learn more about Christian Aid's work around the globe.


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