2019 July

China: Xiamen Huoshi Church insists on requesting a hearing
China: Henan authorities demolish a house church, spread fake suicide story
ChinaAid President Bob Fu Presents At Voice Of Martyrs Advance Conference In Colorado
China: Three-Self Church fined over selling Bibles; Early Rain Covenant Church pastor's case investigation concludes
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 513
Six Extraordinary Religious Freedom Advocates
Is the American Church Asleep Regarding Persecution?
Of rumors, facts, Nigeria, and Leah Sharibu
Reporting Persecution to Police a Vanishing Option for Christians in India
Believers targeted amid US-Iran tensions
Gaza Christians lose home to rocket fire
Muslim Hard-liners Prevent Church in Jakarta from Holding Service
Iranian Christian Banned from Social Activities
Copts Hold Funeral in Street – Again
Christians Brutally Attacked in Jharkhand
Nigeria: Violence continues but government in denial, church leaders say
Chinese Court Upholds Pastor John Cao’s Prison Sentence
What’s the point of religious freedom?
China Adds Charge against Pastor, Coerces Christians to Falsely Accuse Him, Sources Say
second charge as six other Early Rain Church members seek asylum in US
Christians escape with lives as Boko Haram militants step up attacks on northern Cameroon villages
Christian woman who endured ten days of interrogation in Iran due to face court
Syrian Christian woman gang raped and stoned to death in Idlib by Islamist rebels
Cross put back on Assyrian church in Iran, but Christians remain barred
Pakistan: Christians Vulnerable and Endangered
Providing Christian resources amidst upheaval in China
Muslim extremists order Christian Tamils to convert or move
Will UK elections overshadow persecuted Christians?
Pregnant Mother among Five Christians Slain in North-Central Nigeria

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