2019 March

Persecution Update: But Isn't That "Illegal?"
Hindu push in Nepal reminiscent of India’s Hindu extremism
Protect International Religious Liberty
After Terrifying Attack in Uttar Pradesh, India, Host of House Church in Hiding
China Revokes Preaching Permit of 57 Three-Self Church Pastors
Al-Shabab Attacks Somali Hotel
The Islamic State is Officially Defeated
10 Churches in Ethiopia Targeted in Single Day
Christian Woman Raped, Killed as Herdsmen Attack Two Villages in Nigeria
Christian Clergy among Those Caught in Wave of Kidnappings in Nigeria
Al Qaeda official calls for Algeria to become Islamic state governed by sharia law
Chinese pastor arrested for protesting as church cross demolished, replaced with flagpole
Pakistani Christian mother of three forced to convert to Islam by kidnapper
Biblically illiterate Home Office slammed as official claims Christianity not “peaceful” religion
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 495
India: Growing Intolerance and Hate Toward Religious Minorities
Christian Mother in Pakistan Forcibly Converted, Married and Tortured, She Says
Chinese Authorities Ban Major House Church in Beijing
Turkey: hate speech incites violence against Christians
Police in India File Charges against Pastors for Refuting False Account of Attack, Sources Say
Henan Pastor Criminally Detained for Opposing Unlawful Church Crackdown
Disabled Iraqi Christian Woman Overcomes Persecution
Christians Left Voiceless Amidst Land-Grabbing in Pakistan
Islamic Militants Attack Christian Village in the Congo
Pakistani Christian Woman Abducted and Coerced into Conversion
Authorities in India’s Western Territories Annul Good Friday
UK Rejects Asylum Claim of Iranian Convert
11 Christians die every day for their faith
Ukraine: In Luhansk People’s Republic, Baptist Churches Are forced to Halt Services
Cyclone Idai: thousands displaced throughout Southern Africa

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