2019 February

Intense Persecution of Pakistani Christians Continued into the Second Half of 2018
ICC Marks One Year of Captivity for Leah Sharibu
As Nigeria votes, family and churches urge candidates to remember Christian teen Leah Sharibu
Nigeria: ‘Dangerous speech and polarising narratives’ fuel Middle Belt violence – report
Christian Student in Pakistan Nearly Killed in Stabbing by Muslim Classmates
China: 'I will kill you sooner or later', official threatens family of imprisoned Christians
Militants backed by Iran threaten religious minorities
North Korea-United States Summit: Hanoi 27-28 February
Christian Mother Facing False Accusation in India Is Transferred Far from Home, Sources Say
Christians locked out of church building hold third funeral on streets of Egyptian village
Uzbek woman killed by husband because of her Christian faith
Christians pray for peace on eve of Nigerian election
District council in Pakistan says only Christians should do menial sweeping jobs in hospitals
Christians injured in India as extremist mob invade a prayer meeting
Nigerian pastor murdered and his family kidnapped
Nigeria: ICC Marks One Year of Captivity for Leah Sharibu
China: Wife expresses concern for imprisoned husband
Christian in Sri Lanka Arrested after Reporting Threat on His Life, Watchdog Group Reports
China: Xinjiang's ethnic minorities forced to celebrate Han majority holiday
China: Spouses, child of arrested house church members taken into custody
China: Woman denied visitation rights after she exposes abuse
Egypt: Book about beheaded Copts offers ‘different view of martyrdom’
Nigeria elections: Whomever wins, Christians hope for justice and security
Charges Filed Against Detained Iranian Christian
Somali Convert Beaten and Raped in Kenya Refugee Camp
Coptic Christian Girl Reported Missing
Christians Injured in Attack on Prayer Meeting in India
Another Colombian pastor killed, leaving the church ‘terrified’
Tajikistan authorities burn calendars sent to churches because of Bible verses
Scottish government promises not to reuse anti-Christian “Bigots” poster after MSPs speak out

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