2018 November

Egypt pursues justice for Coptic Christian bus attacks, church bombings
Persecution increasing in nations of FMI supported pastors
Iraq: Christian school’s reopening a ‘victory over extremism’
Nepal: 4 women arrested for ‘attempting to forcefully convert people to Christianity’
BREAKING: Lawyer of Pakistan Christian Asia Bibi Gets Shelter In Netherlands
Christian Mother Acquitted of Blasphemy in Pakistan Released from Prison
Persecution of Christians Radiates Outward from Hub in Northern India, Sources Say
Aasia Bibi ruling: Pakistan’s Christians still need protection from “blasphemy” accusations
Bangladesh PM says anyone who offends Islam will be prosecuted
Police in Uzbekistan arrest teenage Christian converts and set up TV “show trial”
Bible translators use print-on-demand to ‘work discreetly in areas of intense persecution’
Malaysia’s ‘deep-seated tensions’ exposed by MP’s call for religious freedom
Christian converts from Islam arrested and tortured in Darfur, Sudan
Seven killed in Egyptian bus shooting targeting Christians
China: Authorities deny dying dissident medical parole
China: Officials interrupt Guangdong Bible study, close church
Theresa May fails to stand up for religious freedom and Aasia Bibi in Parliament
Bomb planted at church in India
Aasia Bibi still in jail after government cut deal with hardliners, as husband appeals for UK asylum
Governments rethink blasphemy laws as Pakistan chaos continues
Iraq: More than 200 mass graves with thousands of bodies discovered
Pakistan: Asia Bibi trapped in Prison
China: Land seizures fuel government tensions
Pakistan: Asia Bibi is acquitted, so why is she still in prison?
BREAKING: Lawyer of Pakistan Christian Asia Bibi Flees To Netherlands Amid Death Threats
Islamist Terrorist Ambush, Kill Seven Christians near Monastery in Minya, Egypt
‘No grounds for review of Supreme Court ruling’ – Asia Bibi’s lawyer, who fled Pakistan
Islamists suspected of bus attack killed, as Copts mourn
Under China's influence, Myanmar Christians targeted
Persecution Update: Ahmed seeks visa to United States, danger in Pakistan

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