2018 November

ChinaAid founder and president to appear on Jim Bakker Show
President Trump Must Urge Chinese President Xi to Stop Human Rights Abuses
China: Jiangsu church releases prayer letter in response to persecution
China: As pastors leave Henan, officials gut churches, raid Christian homes
Congressional commission to hear China's human rights abuses
India: Christians’ names missing from electoral lists
Iraqi Christian family ordered to leave IDP camp but have nowhere to go
Muslim Mob Incites Police to Arrest Six Pastors in Uganda
Finnish Nationals Arrested in Malaysia for Distributing Christian Pamphlets
Two Priests Killed in Attack on CAR Town by Islamist Militia
Extremists in India Attempt to Burn Pastor Alive
In Meeting with President, Pastors in Nigeria Say Military Complicit in Attacks on Christians
Dramatic flare-up in militant violence shocks Mozambique
Four Christians detained in Nepal on charges of “forced conversion”
Hundreds more Iraqi Christian-owned homes stolen in areas liberated from Islamic State
Pakistani PM Imran Khan says “Jesus has no mention in human history”
China’s dystopian present: could “social scoring” surveillance increase pressure on Christians?
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 481
Malaysia releases four Finnish Christians
Egypt: Fighting discrimination will need “a lot more than taking religion off ID cards”
Uzbek Protestants detained and their religious materials confiscated despite being legal
Pastor and Five Evangelists Arrested for Preaching in Uganda
Algeria steps up pressure in a religious ‘cold war’
China: Christian students under pressure to give up their faith
Indonesian musician faces jail for anti-Ahok hate speech
Turkey Issues Re-Entry Ban on Western Evangelist
ICC Clarifies Earlier News Release Regarding the Death of Missionary John Chau
Turkey refuses entry to N. American Christian evangelist
Persecution of minority Christian women ‘hidden, complex, and interwoven with “everyday” discrimination’
Malaysia arrests four Finnish nationals for distributing Christian literature

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