2018 August

India: Modi speaks out against ‘menace’ of mob attacks for first time
Iranian convert marries in Sweden but still waiting on asylum claim
China: Christian summer camps closed down, priests dismissed
Kazakh families beg for help amid massive arrests
Nepal implements anti-conversion law, prayer needed
The slippery slope: from full freedom of religion back to “toleration”
Suicide attack on Egyptian church foiled by tight security
New hope for Pakistani Christians following election of Imran Khan
Twelve Iranian Christian converts sentenced to one year in prison for “inclination to the land of Christianity”
Mobs shut down multiple church services across Sri Lanka
Police in India Demand Money to Release Falsely Accused Christians, Sources Say
Ethiopia: Churches Torched and Priests Killed in Ogaden
Ethiopian PM sends condolences to Orthodox Church after 15 priests killed
Non-state actors behind most religious freedom violations in Indonesia – report
The Other Victims of Burma’s Ethnic Cleansing Campaign
One year later, prominent Chinese lawyer still missing
Religious persecution rises in India
Blasphemy accusation draws mob to Pakistan town’s only Christian street
Egypt: Suicide attack on Coptic church foiled
Historic Syrian monastery to reopen following restoration
Pastor Greg Laurie Says ‘Bible Offensive To Some’ after Company takes down SoCal Harvest Billboard
Christian in Pakistan Charged with 'Blasphemy' in Scheme Involving Islamist Party, Sources Say
Deteriorating Evidence Corresponds with Rushed Trials Against ISIS Suspects
Five Incidents of Anti-Christian Violence Hit Uttar Pradesh
Uganda Bishop Asks Christians to Pray for Peace in South Sudan
Children Kidnapped by Islamists in Uganda Are Found After Three Years
Khartoum Court Dismisses Case Against Sudan Church of Christ
Fears new Muslim region in southern Philippines could spark Christian exodus
Sudan court rules in favour of church in governance dispute
Victims speak out as China separates families

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