2018 August

Persecution appears to be on the rise for Pakistani Christians
Military-Backed Forces in Burma Beat Two Youth Pastors, Sources Say
Iranian Pastor’s Home Violently Raided
Rare Terrorist Attack in Erbil
Egypt’s Christian Women Battle Harassment
Chinese Christian Lawyer Wang Quanzhang Forced To Take Medication
Hindu extremist violence on the rise in southern Indian states
Religious minorities fear backlash as Sunni Islam declared state religion of Comoros
Three Christian ministry partners arrested in India
Afghan convert to Christianity flees, but persecution follows him
US commission calls for Iranian Christians’ release after ‘new miscarriage of justice’
Buhari does not stop Fulani because they are his ‘kith and kin’ – Christian Association of Nigeria
Political, religious disillusionment propels Iranians to seek spiritual truth
Chinese house churches call on authorities to stop viewing them as “dissenting force”
Remaining Chibok girls not coming home, says Boko Haram commander arrested in Nigeria
Iranian Christian pastor, wife and son all face jail terms for “acting against national security”
Autonomous sharia state to be established in southern Philippines after years of Muslim violence
More Christians arrested in Iran
Pastor Andrew Brunson placed under house arrest in Turkey
Rwandan government continues to shut down churches forcefully
Philippines: Priests Assassinated; Duterte Signs B O L
Assault on Christian Leader in Nepal Reflects Growing Threat
Turkey Court Rejects Release US Pastor Despite Sanctions Threat
‘When religious freedom is protected, women’s rights are strengthened’ – US ambassador
Indonesia’s religious minorities protest against closure of worship places

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