2018 August

Nigeria: Could the Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram be related?
‘How can reading the Bible be acting against national security?’ asks Iranian Christian from prison
Raids on ‘illegal’ worship meetings in rebel-held Ukraine
China’s worship places face obligation to fly national flag
Nigeria: What is behind the Fulani herdsmen-farmers conflict?
UN calls for human rights abuses investigation in Cameroon conflict
Indonesian Christians face increasing pressures from society
Nine-year-old Indian girl from Christian convert family gang-raped and murdered
Iraq: Nineveh Plains Christians ‘slowly returning to normal’
Members of Congress Denounce Religious Persecution in Letter to Prime Minister of India
China: Human rights activist struggles financially as authorities deny pension
Sudan: Peace deal or no, believers need prayer
Barnabas Fund warned Home Secretary about radical cleric Hassan Haseeb in 2016 – so why was he invited to speak at UK anti-terror conference this summer?
Syrian Druze Hostage Executed Following Islamic State Attacks
Barnabas Fund founder Dr Patrick Sookhdeo in unanimous “not guilty” verdict: we reveal the facts
U.S. Re-imposes Sanctions on Iran – How will Iranian Christians be affected?
Could Brunson’s release ease Turkey’s diplomatic standoff with the US?
Western media criticise Chinese flag proposal for churches while national flags fly in West
Indian Christians protest after part of church demolished to make road wider
Moving a Movement Forward
US-led conference on religious freedom fails to condemn world’s worst abusers
Chinese professor detained during live TV interview
US pastor Andrew Brunson to be released from Turkish prison
Churches burned and looted in eastern Ethiopia
Comoros: Playing the Religion Card
India: Five Incidents of Anti-Christian Violence Hit Uttar Pradesh
We’ll close one church every week, Indian Christians told
‘Is it necessary for the government to do this?’ asks Chinese Christian after church demolition
‘Only jihadists want to see Christians leave the Middle East’
China: Authorities ban Chongqing house church

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