2018 July

UN tells Algeria to ‘guarantee freedom of religion to all’ after church closures
Brunson’s third Turkish hearing focused on PKK allegations
Sri Lankan Christian: ‘They took everything from us’
Chinese Bible Reformed Church Hit with $7,300 Fine
Beijing Churches Issue Declaration in ‘New Era’ for Christianity in China
Mysterious Death of Bishop Sparks New Concerns Among Egypt’s Christians
Survivors of Persecution Breathe New Life into Religious Freedom Movement
Iran Ramps Up Persecution of Christians
35 Christians freed in Eritrea
Egypt: Coptic bishop found dead, his head ‘smashed’
Indian government body wants church confessions banned
More than 8,000 Rwandan churches closed following government directive
US, Turkey: Home after 21 months, but US pastor Andrew Brunson now can’t leave house till October trial
Chinese churches ‘more careful who they allow in’, as raids increase
Iranian pastor taken to Evin Prison after violent raid on home
Pakistan: Imran Khan takes over, concerns remain for Christians
US, Turkey: Is it too early to celebrate Pastor Brunson’s house arrest?
Indonesian Christian Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Facebook Post
First Service Held in Coptic Church Closed 7 Years Ago
Leader in India Calls on Jharkhand to Stop Harassing Christians
Turkish Court Moves Imprisoned Pastor Brunson to House Arrest
Theresa May states UK government stands with persecuted Christians “all over the world”
Christian appointed Malaysias top judge
Mob protest against legalisation of church in Egyptian village
Kidnapped Christian women likely still held by Islamic State
Christians in Iran Seized from Homes, including Violent Imprisonment of Pastor
Children Kidnapped by Islamists in Uganda in 2015 Are Found
RLPB 465 | July 2018 Update; plus Burkina Faso, China, Iran, Iraq, North Korea
Turkey Refuses To Release Jailed US Pastor
Hindu Extremist Sexually Assaults Pastor's Wife at Church Service in India, Sources Say

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