2018 June

China: Xinjiang officials arrest nearly half of village's population
Eritrea Frees Jailed Evangelical Pastor Haimanot After 11 Years
Egypt: Copts’ homes attacked after they protest Muslim men swimming naked in front of them
Tunisians protest against closure of cafes and restaurants during Ramadan
India: Police slow to register case after church burnt down by suspected Hindu extremists
Pastor released from prison in Eritrea after 11 years
Hope for Christians in North Korea following Singapore Summit
China: Four Christians detained in Guangzhou church raid
Future of Iraq’s Christians Remain in Limbo
Moroccan Christians Treated as Second Class Citizens
Two Christians Ambushed, Killed in Central Nigeria Muslim Fulani herdsmen ramp up onslaught in Plateau state.
Three Algerian churches allowed to reopen after protest campaign
Mob burn down house church after Bangladesh pastor’s son falsely implicated in murder case
A ‘dire time for human rights in Russia’ as World Cup begins
Fifteen killed in attacks on Nigeria’s Christians
Nigeria: ‘Please wish her happy birthday’ – missing Chibok girl’s mother
Barnabas aid reaches desperate Kachin Christians
Wife of missing Malaysian pastor Raymond Koh writes to PM
Muslims and Christians unite to restore ancient Iraqi church
Secular means to a Gospel end: should Christian faith be allied with political interests?
Christian Couple Arrested at Wedding Site on 'Forcible Conversion' Charge in India, Relatives Say
Prisoners and Captives: Remember Them
Coptic Christians harassed for drinking water during Ramadan fasting hours
‘Fulani herdsmen attacks have caused $1 billion damage in just one Nigerian state’
Myanmar: ‘400 villages destroyed, 150,000 people displaced’ in Kachin
Algerian pastor ‘amazed’ as three churches reopened
Peace Dividend may be accrued on Korean Peninsula, but Prisoners of Conscience Remain Hostage in The Hermit Kingdom
China: Authorities try to confiscate dissident's passport after friend flees
Christian kidnappings on the rise in Egypt
North Koreans ‘betrayed’ by human rights omission in Trump-Kim agreement

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