2018 June

Myanmar army waging “genocidal campaign” against Kachin Christians
Barnabas Fund warns EU Parliament religious freedom is one generation away from being lost
Four Iranian Christians set to begin ten-year prison sentences
Nigerian pastor says security services threatened to kill him after Muslim woman’s conversion to Christianity
Nigeria’s Middle Belt Report: May Sees Largest Attack in 2018 and Growing International Recognition of Crisis
China: 17 Christians arrested for commemorating Tiananmen Square victims
North Korea: US-NK Summit Tuesday 12 June
International journalist, Dan Wooding, urges President Trump to speak out on behalf of the heavily-persecuted North Korean Christians at summit with Kim Jong-un
Two Men Assault Clergyman in Bethlehem
Second Christian leader in two weeks kidnapped in Burkina Faso
History is Full of Movements Led by Students
On Tiananmen Anniversary, China Detains Dozens of Christians in Sichuan
China: Kazakh prisoner risks life to expose atrocities
Pakistan: Christians told they can’t have a church in Muslim-majority village
Malaysian sergeant denies implicating ‘very senior police officers’ in pastor’s kidnapping
Nigeria: 7 more killed by suspected herdsmen in what Benue governor calls a ‘jihad’
Nepal’s anti-conversion law about to be implemented
Catholic Priest Attacked in Bethlehem after Giving Refuge to Tourists
Central Africa Republic – Christians flee rampage by Muslim armed groups in capital
Hopes court ruling may reduce prosecutions for Christians in Russia
Relatives of Egyptian martyrs honour their sacrifice
MP calls on UK government to make aid to Pakistan conditional on “blasphemy” law reform
Christians Falsely Accused of Forced Conversion in India’s Jharkhand State
Evin Prison in Iran Sanctioned by U.S. Treasury
CAR’s clerics warn against attempts to divide Christians and Muslims
Kazakhstan passes Religion Law that ‘undermines principles of human rights’
Uzbek police accused of targeting Christian women with sexual violence
Turkey returns confiscated Syriac church property deeds
Malaysia: Open Doors USA petitions United Nations on behalf of missing pastor
Indonesia sees increase in radical Islam

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