2018 June

Moroccan Christians demand equal marriage rights
UN rapporteur welcomes Uzbekistan’s religious freedom pledge
Nigeria: Another Tearful Birthday Apart
North Korean Christians pray for more than peace from summit
New pressure faces Nepalese Christians
‘Christianity in Syria is under threat from forces the West is supporting’
Vietnamese Christian rights defender exiled to Germany after release
The US-North Korea summit taking place tomorrow
Prominent human rights lawyer prevented from leaving China
Praying for the Landmark Summit—Free North Korea Info & Action Guide
Vietnam Releases, Expels Christian Human Rights Lawyer to Germany
Assessment of religious conversions as genuine or asylum-motivated dismissed as naïve
Ad in Vanity Fair tells #MeToo celebrities of women who suffer for their faith
Convert in Sweden tells of ‘nightmares every night’ amid fears of deportation and Iranian jail
Burkina Faso: Kidnappers release pastor and his family after four days
China: Christian couple criminally detained after sharing faith, protesting abortion
Bible translators among those killed, forced to flee violence in Cameroon
Police in Pakistan Kill Young Christian Man in Raid, Relatives Say
Christians Arrested on False Charges in India
Iran: Harsh Prison Terms Upheld for Four Christians
Detained Japanese Citizens Return Home
Pakistan Identified on "Special Watch List" for Violations
Indonesia: How women and children became agents of terror
US missionary, captive for 20 months, is alive, reports Niger’s president
India: 15 Christians accused of ‘conversion’ in Jharkhand
North Korean ex-detainee was told his ‘hostile act against regime’ was prayer
Nigerian pastor says security services threatened to kill him after Muslim woman’s conversion to Christianity
Muslims force closure of church in South Kalimantan, Indonesia
Armed Chinese police storm church service and take away offering box
Pakistani Christian girl kidnapped, forcibly converted and married to Muslim man

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