2018 April

ChinaAid delegation reveals rights abuses to European Parliament
China: Officials raid kindergarten established by Fujian church
China: Yunnan Christians sentenced in cult crackdown case
Pakistan’s top judge says he’ll hear Asia Bibi’s appeal personally – and ‘soon’
Iran: appeal heard by judge with ‘poor track record in dealing with Christians’
USCIRF wants 6 more countries on US Govt’s religious-freedom watch list
Two more priests become victims of gang violence in Mexico
UNHCR to Cameroon: Stop deporting Nigerian refugees
Nigeria: pressure on Buhari to act increases after latest massacre
Pakistan: family of Christian boy killed by police compensated in ‘rare victory’
ChinaAid leads delegation of prisoners’ family members in Germany
United States calls out nations for human rights violations
Beginnings of Islamic reform in Saudi Arabia
On trial for terrorism and espionage in a Turkish court
‘Giving freedom to women is something remarkable’ – Egypt’s Protestant head
Egypt: Court will try 3 men for assault on elderly Coptic woman
Egypt: Coptic teacher cleared of contempt of religion for questions about Muhammad
Women and Youth Protest in Plateau, Nigeria
Cultural history project in India could pave the way for Hindu nationalism
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince proposes reform to Islam
Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Mount another Slaughter of Christians in Benue State, Nigeria
Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Gun Down Christians in Catholic Church in Nigeria
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 452
Pakistan Christian Killed For Refusing To Marry Muslim
North Korea, China, Russia and Iran ‘forces of instability’
‘State-sponsored repression’ behind Eritrea’s refugee epidemic
Killings continue in eastern DRC
Algeria: church-run nursery ordered to close
India: violence against Christians in Tamil Nadu continues
Satellites and Sanctions: How the West can Support Iran’s Faithful

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