2018 April

Nigerian bishops call for Buhari to resign over church massacre
Malaysian Church: ‘We need leaders who truly care for the people’
Christian Soldier in Egypt Shot in another Mysterious Military Death
'Anti-Conversion' Bill Becomes Law in Uttarakhand State, India
Catholic Priest Fatally Shot After Mass in the Northern Philippines
Rising terrorist group in Nigeria attacks church, kills 19
Chinese diplomats lure Kazakhs back to China, imprisonment
China: County in Xinjiang completely closed off, residents describe a ‘living hell’
Hindu Extremist Influence in India Shown in Easter Attacks
Pastor Held Wrongfully as Political Prisoner
Fleeing Kachin Villagers Take Shelter in Myanmar Churches
Woman Fatally Burned for Refusing Marriage Proposal
Pastor Receives Prison Sentence for Property Damage
Sri Lankan church stoned and Christians threatened in new spate of attacks
Concerns grow for Kachin Christians trapped in jungle
Supreme Court appeal hearing pending for Pakistani Christian “blasphemy” prisoner Aasia Bibi
16 Christians murdered in brutal dawn attack on Nigerian church
Our Religious Freedom: Ashers bakery case goes to UK Supreme Court
Our Religious Freedom: Sunday Schools could still be hit by new inspection plans for out-of-school settings
Iranian Christians encouraged by conditional release of Hadi Asgari from prison
102 church buildings registered as legal by Egyptian government under discriminatory laws
Kazakh government demands details of all Christian children
Authorities in Chinese city order religious believers to register
Egyptian Christian young woman kidnapped
Two killed in Quetta church shooting
India: case of murdered Dalit pastor not taken seriously, say victim’s friends
Russia’s religious communities face ‘unclear’ requirements
Saudi Arabia told: ‘Christians are not second-class citizens’
Nigeria: 7 more killed in another Benue attack
Five years on, hope remains for missing Syrian bishops

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