2018 March

China: Xinjiang authorities confiscate works by Kazakh, Turkish, and Kyrgyz writers
China: Xinjiang confiscates ‘ethnic’ goods, ships prisoners out of province to solve crowding
Declaration of Faith Becomes Legal Requirement in Pakistan
Algeria: Church Closures Part of Coordinated Gov't Campaign
Turkish Prosecutors Equate Christianization with Terrorism
Teacher in Egypt Charged with Religious Contempt
Hospital Staff and Security Attack Christians in Pakistan
China, US: Pastor John Cao Sentenced to Prison for Missionary Work
Displaced Christians in Syria Fear for Their Lives
Good Friday holiday reinstated in Christian-majority Indian state after protests
US: Brownback: Now is a ‘critical moment’ for religious minorities
India: Baptism service violently halted by Hindu mob claiming ‘forced conversions’
Nigerian Christian who lost husband in Fulani attack: ‘I returned to encourage other women to do the same’
Indonesia church bomb attack victim Trinity, 5, healing well, father says
India: Telangana Christians ‘terrified’ after Palm Sunday attack
China: 'You have fought the good fight': Human rights activist Yu Jie in memory of Brother Li Baiguang
Pakistan: Ahmed’s wife asks for prayers while facing the unknown
Dozens killed in CAR, including priest who planned to move
Ahok to stay in jail, Indonesian Supreme Court rules
Kazakhstan: Child in church triggers police raid
Eritrea: Newlyweds among 32 Christians arrested in fresh crackdown
Turkey’s Churches publish landmark book of common Christian doctrine
Staff Members at Emergency Maternity Ward in Pakistan Kill Christian, Relatives Say
China: Christian human rights lawyer fears re-arrest after near death in jail
Easter: God Powerfully at Work Through Suffering
In Algeria, pressure against Christians is ramping up
China’s Communist Party increases control over religious affairs
Saudi school textbooks still ‘promote hatred toward religious minorities’ – USCIRF
Pakistan Christians process in Lahore, month after mob attack
Contrasting freedoms for Vietnam’s Christians

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