100 Al-Shabaab Terrorists Enter Town on Sunday, Villagers Flee

Source:  www.persecution.org

Date:  January 19, 2018

Nearly 100 al-Shabaab terrorists entered a village in Lamu on Sunday. According to locals, who have now fled the area, the terrorists gathered all of the villagers and lectured them for over an hour. After this, the terrorists left. The villagers are now living in Kiunga town, but fear that their possessions and homes in Ishakani village will be stolen or destroyed while they are away. However, they promise that they will not return to their homes unless the government establishes local police and places a KDF military base nearby.

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  • Pray for protection for this Christian community from al-Shabaab militants.
  • Pray for the Kenyan government to offer greater protection to Christians in this village. 
  • Pray for these Christians to hold fast to their faith despite the difficult circumstances.

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