New Penal Code in Bolivia Could Restrict Religious Freedom


Date:  January 19, 2018

Bolivia (Christian Post)

Church leaders in Bolivia are again concerned with the new impositions from the government since a set of new measures will likely intervene with their freedom of religion. The new penal code could potentially ban evangelism. Unfortunately, it is not the first time that the Bolivian government, under Evo Morales, has introduced new changes that affect Christians. However, this new law brings a new turn for Christians since they will not only be monitored, but could end up in jail for up to 12 years. 

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  • Pray for the government of Bolivia to respect its citizens’ right to religious freedom.
  • Pray for evangelism to remain legal, and even increase, in Bolivia.
  • Pray for Christians to remain safe as they speak out against the new penal code.

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