By Dropping Arson Charges, Egyptian Christians Allowed to Build Church


Date:  January 12, 2018

Egypt (WWM)

By dropping charges against Muslims who singled out Christians for attack, burning homes and inflicting injuries, the Christians in the Egyptian village of Kom El-Loufy have been granted permission to build a church. Their previous church was closed 12 years ago, and authorities were effectively holding the new church hostage in exchange for the victims dropping the charges of arson. The Christians in this village were attacked in 2016 when the homes of four Christian brothers were looted and burned, and again in 2017 when another three homes were burned. 

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  • Pray for this Christian community to be able to construct their church safely and without interference.
  • Pray for continued recovery for the victims who lost their homes in these attacks.
  • Pray for local Muslims to come know Christ by seeing the resilience of this community despite their setbacks.

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